Dafne 200


When Eros, the mischievous god of love, struck the god Apollo with an arrow, he fell in love with the young nymph Dafne. In order to save herself from Apollo’s overwhelming passion, Dafne pleaded with the Gods, who turned her into a laurel plant.

Dafne 200 kitchen is characterized by a subtle and minimal aesthetic design, which can be supplemented with boxes and accessories that make it a unique product and adaptable to the needs of your environment.
Dafne 200 kitchen can be combined with the Eros countertop, a divinity closely linked to the history of Dafne.

DESIGNER: Massimo Tasca e Mattia Li Pomi



Stainless steel

304 L stainless steel, which is what Outerra uses, is characterized by its high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and always comes with a satin surface finish.


UHPC is a green cement material characterized by its high strength and durability, surface treated with nanotech paints to resist atmospheric agents, oils and acids. Its natural material appearance is obtained with a smooth formwork finish.


Outerra selects the most suitable hardwoods from time to time, from FSC certified plantations, which are surface treated with natural oils.

Painted aluminum

Outerra uses pure polyester powder coated aluminum alloy castings with a crumpled surface finish.

Painted steel

Products made from carbon steel are pre-treated with cataphoresis or electrolytic galvanizing and then varnished with pure polyester powders with a matte or wrinkled surface finish.


Teak lamellar from 100% FSC certified plantations, treated with natural oils that over time and with exposure to atmospheric agents, becomes silvery.


Kitchen with steel or UHPC structure, with upper surface in steel or UHPC equipped with splash guard and sink. The kitchen is complete with a hob with teppanyaki plate.

Dafne 200 is available in a gas or electric version. Like all our kitchens, it is equipped with industrial technology 4.0.

An artisanal care is reserved for each Outerra kitchen that respects the quality of Made in Italy products.


The structure of the Dafne 200 kitchen is available in stainless steel (S) or UHPC (C).

The upper top, in steel or UHPC, can be customized in color, to match the environment with infinite design combinations.

Dafne 200 can be implemented by adding up to three boxes under the kitchen structure, including shelves.

In addition, the Eros top, available in wood or teak, can be added to the kitchen.


Dafne 200 S

Dafne 200 S + 1 box S

Dafne 200 S + 2 box S

Dafne 200 S + 3 box S

Dafne 200 C

Dafne 200 C + 1 box W

Dafne 200 C + 2 box W

Dafne 200 C + 3 box W


Dafne 200 has a wide range of accessories, such as support and tool kit, wooden or food nylon tops, ice maker and protective cover.





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