Prometeo is the titan philanthropist bearer of light, who for love of humanity stole the fire from the Gods and gave it back to men, freeing them from eternal darkness and hunger.

Prometeo is the symbol of freedom, of progress, of the flame that brings warmth, joy and sociability into our lives.

Prometeo hob is ideal for cooking outside in comfort and style. Available in a range of finishes, it can be supplemented with a number of different accessories.

DESIGNER: Massimo Tasca e Mattia Li Pomi



Corten steel

Corten steel is a “living” material, changeable over time, which is not uniform in appearance, each product has its own shades, streaks and unique colors. It is treated with beeswax in order to reduce the physiological oxidation losses.

Stainless steel

304 L stainless steel, which is what Outerra uses, is characterized by its high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and always comes with a satin surface finish.

Carbon steel

Products made from carbon steel are pre-treated with cataphoresis or electrolytic galvanizing and then varnished with pure polyester powders with a matte or wrinkled surface finish.

Colours and finishes


Corten steel


Stainless steel

Carbon steel


Wood-fired steel cooking plate, equipped with a feeding bowl made of refractory material. The kitchen includes a brushed 304L stainless steel tool holder and can be implemented with the addition of a rotisserie (sold separately).

Prometeo is ideal for cooking outside.

An artisanal care is reserved for each Outerra kitchen that respects the quality of Made in Italy products.


Cooking plate available in stainless steel (S), carbon steel (I) or grill version in stainless steel (G).

Prometeo S

Prometeo S + Vulcano

Prometeo I

Prometeo I + Vulcano

Prometeo G + Grill


The Prometeo barbecue can be accessorized with a rotisserie.



Tool sets

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