Vittoria is the winged Goddess of triumph, elusive and free from all constraints. She decides who will benefit from her benevolence: the lucky man she will put a laurel crown on.

Vittoria offers the pleasure of good food everywhere: its compact and functional design adapts to all size constraints and needs.

DESIGNER: Alfredo Tasca, Massimo Tasca e Mattia Li Pomi



Stainless steel

304 L stainless steel, which is what Outerra uses, is characterized by its high resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and always comes with a satin surface finish.


Vittoria is a stainless steel kitchen available in 3 different modules with sink, cooking plate and burner plate with fryer.


Available in steel stainless steel, or with powder coated steel doors, can be implemented with different accessories.

Available with either a gas or electric range. Industrial technology 4.0 and craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy products.

Vittoria P

Vittoria L

Vittoria F

Vittoria BP

Vittoria BL

Vittoria BF


Available in different finishes, it can be supplemented with a range of different accessories.

Mercurio 1

Mercurio 2


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